Automodello 1967 Eagle Gurney-Weslake V-12 Signature Edition

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Product Overview

Automodello 1967 Eagle Gurney-Weslake V-12 Signature Edition

  • Color: Blue
  • Build: 150
  • Scale: 1:12
  • Marque: Dan Gurney's All American Racers
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Special Feature: Certificate of Authenticity hand-signed by Dan Gurney
  • Full Description: or partial description is below

Dan Gurney is the only American to win a Formula 1 Grand Prix in an American car in the modern era (Jimmy Murphy won in a Duesenberg in 1921 before the establishment of the World Championship) and Dan is the only US driver ever in the entire history of the sport to do with a car built, designed and constructed by his own company All American Racers.

The Eagle Gurney-Weslake also happens to be one of the most exquisitely beautiful, elegant F1 designs of the era, compounding its historic significance into a perfect storm of collector appeal. Dan Gurney has been a hero and friend to Automodello, and we are honored to have collaborated with him and his AAR organization on several replicas paying tribute to his racing accomplishments. It is with a bittersweet mix of fondness and grief that we salute Dan once more with this 1:12 Eagle Gurney-Weslake. We profoundly wish we had been able to show him the finished replica before his passing, but we hope we have done him and his extraordinary talent justice in the recreation. Likewise, we hope you enjoy this scale tribute to a true racing hero.

This mesmerizing masterpiece will serve as a lasting tribute to the genius of Dan Gurney and All American Racers. The commitment of AAR, the passion and the dedication to accurate scale replication from the team of skilled artisans at Automodello. To allow it to be enjoyed and viewed from a 360-degree angle on a daily basis, free of dust or accidental damage, it comes packaged on a stylish plinth with a clear protective display cover.


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review