Automodello 1963 Ford Mustang II Concept

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Automodello 1963 Ford Mustang II Concept without Hardtop

  • Color: White with blue stripes and removable white hardtop
  • Build: 299
  • Scale: 1:24
  • Marque: Ford
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Like the original 2-seater, the Mustang II was premiered at Watkins Glen in the fall of 1963. It then went on the show circuit and a press tour until just before the unveiling of the production car in the spring of ’64. Once that happened the Mustang II went into storage and has rarely been seen since. But it remains a crucial piece of the Mustang history, and has a direct lineage to the beloved Ford that established the pony car genre and became an American icon that endures until this day.

The Mustang II Concept, as it appeared in 1963 in white with blue stripes, made in 1:24 scale with just 299 pieces as the Standard Edition, while a very special Tribute Edition was also available in just 50 hand-numbered examples wearing Tribute Red. 


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review